Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Homeopathy For Menstrual Cramps & Pain

Over the years I have tried EVERYTHING for severe menstrual pain - both conventional and naturopathic.  I can't even begin to count how many times I 'googled' the terms "natural cure for menstrual cramps." And, I can't even begin to count the numerous times where I felt disappointed and discouraged that nothing was working.

After many years of frustration and despair (and many days/nights of laying on the couch curled up in a ball), I finally found something that really works for me. Homeopathy is an incredible medicine that helps so many people with stubborn conditions, including dysmenorrhea (AKA menstrual cramps).

As a Homeopath, I know by experience that the BEST remedy for you to take for menstrual cramps is your constitutional remedy. The only way of finding your constitutional remedy is to see a classical homeopath who takes your case and prescribes you one remedy (which is what I do with my clients- contact me if you are interested in an appointment to relieve your menstrual cramps). This constitutional remedy will help you on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It will give you lasting effects.

But, until you decide to see a homeopath, here are a few acute remedies to try out. Make sure you match your menstrual experience with the remedies. If the symptoms do not match yours, then the remedy will probably not work for you.

Magnesia Phos. (Mag. Phos.)
Indicated for cramps and spasms which are better in heat and better from pressure.

Colocynthis (Coloc.)
Severe cramps. Sharp stabbing pains which are better from heat and pressing hard into the area. Wants to be left alone. Sensitive face distorted from pain. Pain comes and goes fast. Better bending forward -doubling up. Pain associated with anger.

Dioscorea (Dios.)
Better bending backwards, the opposite of Colocynthis. Cramps in the fingers and toes.

Belladonna (Bell.)
Cramps, spasms, and bearing down pains come and go suddenly. There is heat and congestion. She is better sitting up and better from pressing on the genitals or abdomen. Worse from motion of any kind.

Borax (Bor.)
Profuse early menses with griping pains and nausea. Pain in the stomach extends to the back. In the menstrual flow large membranes are passed. There may be nausea.

Cactus (Cact.)
The whole uterus feels like a wire wrapped around it and tightened, or as if squeezed by hand. The pains are constricting.

Caulophyllum (Caul.)
Cramps in the uterus before menses, with pains in the lower back. There are bearing down spasmodic pains, with drawing pains in the legs. She feels weak and trembling inside. The uterus feels heavy and congested.

Cimicifuga Racemosa (Cimic.)
There are severe labor-like pains. Bearing down cramps and spasms. The pains travel from right to left to right, going back and forth. She bends over double and is restless, better from heat.

Sabina (Sabin.)
Sharp pains travel from the back (sacrum) to the front (pubic area). The flow is red with clots. She desires fresh air and is warm blooded.

Lachesis (Lach.)
Pains in the left ovary. There is sensitivity to any clothing where it binds at the neck or waist. The blackish menstrual flow relieves the symptoms.

Of course, this is only a partial list of all remedies that can help with menstrual pain. These remedies are also good for endometriosis symptoms (that match the remedy), ovarian cysts, and other painful female complaints.  


Svea Lynn is a traditional Naturopath, classical homeopath and holistic doula. Her private doula practice can be found here. Her Montreal Natural Fertility site can be found here

Monday, June 13, 2011

New! Online Homeopathy Study Group

Are you interested in learning about Homeopathic remedies?

I will be starting a new online homeopathy study group this summer. Homeopathy study groups are hard to find, especially online groups - where you can study from the comfort of your own home. Dates are to be determined at this point.

We will be studying constitutional remedies (and some acute stuff too). So, if you are a Natural Health Practitioner of any kind, then you can boost your knowledge of Homeopathy by joining us online!

The study group will be a live and interactive webinar, where you can ask questions and chat with other group members. 

To sign up (or with questions) please contact me through my website at: www.psychehealing.com

Friday, June 10, 2011

5 Common Health Misconceptions

Myth: In order to lose weight, I have to count calories.
Truth: Not all calories are the same. If you are eating fast food three times per day and watching your calories, you are less likely to lose weight than someone who eats a lot more substance, but eats mostly raw fruits and vegetables. A diet that consists of 80% raw produce is best for weight loss (and health in general). It will not only help you lose excess pounds, but it will also give you more energy throughout the day. And, with 80% fruits/veggies, you do not need to count your calories (as long as the other 20% isn't ALL dessert foods). Plus, changing your lifestyle choices will help you KEEP weight OFF. This is so important for lasting weight loss.

Myth: Vaccines are safe.
Truth: Vaccines have never been proven to be safe through a TRUE safety study, which would compare a vaccine to an inert substance. Instead, vaccines have only been compared to other vaccines. On top of that, pharmaceutical companies are the ones doing the research on their vaccines... can you say CONFLICT OF INTEREST?! Vaccines HAVE been proven to be linked to autism, autoimmune disorders, and other serious illnesses. If a vaccine is considered safe, shouldn't the ingredients also be considered safe? Vaccines contain the following ingredients: mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, African green monkey kidney cells, aspartame, and monosodium glutamate (MSG) - just to name a few. NONE of these ingredients are considered to be safe. Doesn't this, in and of itself, make the claim "Vaccines are safe" to be false?

Myth: Stay away from fats. They are unhealthy and will cause heart disease.
Truth: This is one of the biggest myths of all time! Not all fats are bad. Our bodies actually need fats to produce hormones, build cell walls, and perform many other vital functions. Fats do not cause heart disease! In order for cholesterol to clog arteries, the arteries must be damaged first. Cigarette smoke, chlorinated water, pollution, unhealthy food, and many other environmental toxins damage arteries. The best fats are high quality fish oils, flax oil, coconut oil, and some animal oils. Some healthy people eat coconut oil by the tablespoon!

Myth: All herbal supplements are good for you.
Truth: I know many Naturopaths who are similar to your conventional doctor. You go to them with a condition and they recommend a few (or many) supplements to help you with your problem. As a Naturopath, we take an oath to "treat the fundamental causes of illness." This does NOT include giving a supplement for every condition that you list. I have shadowed Naturopaths who give a nervine herb for the nervous system, an herb for the digestive system, an herb for the brain, an herb for the liver, an herb for the pancreas...etc (you get my drift). THIS IS NOT GOOD NATUROPATHY! An herbal substances, in some cases, will act like a pharmaceutical drug... just with less side effects. You might have to be on the supplement for a long time. I believe in minimal supplements and a good constitutional homeopathic remedy. In many cases people are burdening their bodies with a huge list of supplements, thinking they are supporting their bodies. They begin to have stubborn rashes that won't go away. The truth is, they are overburdening their bodies and need to stop all supplements. I am a Homeopath 100% of the time and believe that the constitutional remedy is one of the best medicine for any condition.

Myth: I need to go to the doctor every time I have a cold or flu. I need medicine to help me feel better.
Truth: In most cases, a cold/flu is NOT a bacteria infection. Your doctor will most likely give you antibiotics and send you on your way. If you take antibiotics for something that is not a bacterial infection, then you are doing damage to the healthy bacteria in your body, especially in your digestive system. On top of that, you are not going to heal any faster. Your doctor will admit this if you ask them (believe me, I have asked before). Also, many people run out to get a decongestant or other medicines that will "knock them out". This is bad practice. You are further suppressing an illness that is trying to express itself. Let it run its course. The human body is incredible and will fight off the disease without the help of a pharmaceutical drug (unless of course you are in a very poor state of health to begin with). The best medicine? REST and lots of water! Go back to the "old" days where there wasn't a quick fix to everything. Take a break from work, school, or whatever else is wearing you down. If you continue to suppress a cold or flu, it will pop up later. You will be surprised - let it run its course and you are less likely to be sick in the future.


Svea Lynn is a traditional Naturopath, classical homeopath and holistic doula. Her private doula practice can be found here. Her Montreal Natural Fertility site can be found here