Holistic Healing with Naturopathy & Homeopathy

Are you struggling with your health? Do you experience digestive complaints? 
Fatigue? Stress? Anxiety? If so, have you explored alternative options?

During our appointments together, we will explore your life - where your stresses lie, your diet, your habits among many other things with a deep holistic dialogue. I then offer a constitutional homeopathic remedy to help assist in your healing. People who use homeopathy & naturopathy report a boost in their health, and they often say they have much more energy and less health complaints. The healing modalities that I use in my practice are the ones that healed me. I used to struggle from digestive complaints (similar to IBS), anxiety, chronic fatigue and intense menstrual pain. I can now report that I no longer struggle with any of those things (through holistic healing)!

I love to empower my clients to take the reins of their health into their own hands.

If you are interested in working with me as your Naturopath & Homeopath and are not able to travel to Montreal, we can work together through skype. Skype is a wonderful way for us to connect and see each other during our appointments. 

Consultations - What to Expect:

The first appointment lasts around 1.5 - 2 hours. I will also suggest a constitutional homeopathic remedy within a couple of days of our appointment. I generally do not suggest many expensive supplements or a major shift in your dietary patterns. I believe if you are balanced and healthy (holistically - mentally, physically, emotionally) then you don't need expensive supplements or major changes in your diet (unless, of course, you are eating fast food everyday).

If you are consulting me for digestive complaints, then we will take an in depth look at your diet and I will make suggestions accordingly. 

Appointment Costs:

First appointment: $150

Follow-Up Appointments (approximately every 6 weeks, lasting around 1 hour): $75 per hour

*Insurance receipts available in Quebec*