About Svea

Thank you for visiting my blog! More information about me:

My own health and healing journey began many years ago as I struggled with chronic fatigue and exhaustion. I was constantly sick with the flu or seasonal cold, had constant headaches, and just felt a low level of health.  I was working 3-4 jobs, going to school full-time and living a very stressful life. I wasn't conscious of the fact that my condition was being caused by mental/emotional factors that were affecting my health. When I started studying Naturopathic medicine, my whole world changed. I began to nurture my body with good food and rest. I checked into my emotional well-being. I let go of the things that were no longer serving me. I began to take natural remedies instead of pharmaceutical drugs. I began taking constitutional homeopathy (which I have found to be the most profound and healing medicine, by the way). Basically, I healed myself from the inside out and no longer struggle with chronic fatigue or exhaustion. My constitution is also much stronger and I rarely get sick.

I have a strong passion for working with people to bring them back into a state of balance. I have extensive knowledge in holistic wellness, homeopathy, nutrition, herbology, natural pregnancy / natural baby, natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and alternative medicine. I have helped people with a variety of health complaints, including: chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue / exhaustion, headaches, constipation, anxiety, obesity, auto-immune illnesses, insomnia, colic (babies), and more.

I'm now happy and healthy and feel so blessed to be able to help others who are also struggling with their health.

My Credentials (for those who are wondering):
I received a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Psychology in 2008.  I then went on to study a four-year professional Naturopathic, graduating as a certified Naturopath. And, even after many years of school, I decided that I was still not finished! I chose to specialize in Homeopathy in my practice and graduated from the British Institute of Homeopathy.  I am also a certified holistic doula in Montreal. My private doula website can be found here, and my Montreal naturopath website is here. My natural fertility Montreal website is here.

Interested in speaking to me or setting up an appointment? Please contact me here.