Thursday, January 27, 2011

Easy Weight Loss?

As I was driving this morning, I saw a billboard that read "Free Yourself. Easy Weight Loss. Get Bariatric Surgery Today!"

That might be relatively "easy" weight loss, but is it healthy?

In receiving a bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology, I studied all of the popular diets, exercise, and weight loss plans. I conducted research on a group of people that lost nearly 100 pounds in one year. I studied at a hospital where they put people on EXTREME diets for weight loss. When, in the end, most of those people gain their weight back when they begin eating 'normal' food. On top of that, the diets that doctors and highly trained professionals were recommending were very bad, very unhealthy. Many consisted of eating canned foods (that are totally depleted of all their mineral content), while others recommended supplements that contained harmful chemicals and additives including MSG. Some of these people were only consuming 500 calories per day, essentially starving themselves of nutrients and nourishment in order to lose weight (and then gain it back when they began eating a regular diet again).

Weight loss can be very difficulty, especially depending on what type of a program you are doing. Some are way more difficult than others, and require you to always watch what you eat and count the calories that you are consuming.

What if weight loss was easier than that? What if your lifestyle is what you focused on, and you lost weight and kept it off? You don't have to be on a diet forever!

I see many "weight loss professionals" out there who have written popular e-books. I have found many of these 'professionals' not to be professional at all, but instead, very good at marketing. They recommend the most popular fad diets at the time and throw in a little exercise.

Every person that I work with to lose weight is different. Each person needs an individualized plan, one that matches where they are in life, and one that will work for them. It is very rare to see two people on the same plan. Some people need more exercise while others lose 50-60 pounds by changing their diet alone.

I have never, and will never, recommend a diet of 500 calories per day. For the average person this isn't enough nourishment to get them through a full day. The body, including the brain, need nourishment to function properly. 

Weight loss comes when you free yourself of how you look at food. It comes when you 'revamp' your lifestyle to match a lifestyle of health and longevity. Health can be forever and should be forever!

So, get on the right path to health through lifestyle changes and a healthy mental attitude. This is the only solution that works for lasting weight loss and optimal health!


Svea is a traditional Naturopath, classical homeopath and holistic doula. Her private doula practice can be found here. Her Montreal Natural Fertility site can be found here

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