Sunday, November 28, 2010

Unite Now! YOU can help to end world destruction...

The world is at the edge of economic disaster because it is based on a system of greed and competition, where few benefit and many struggle. 
Wars have raged over religion, land, resources, and money. 

Oil has spilled and polluted our beautiful oceans and rivers.

This is madness and it is NOT the vision that our world is meant to be. 

Here is hope for a better world...

Where YOU, along with others of like-mind, have the power and ability to make a change. 
Unite Now!
Every person is precious. 

I am so very pleased to announce a project that is so near to my heart. This is a project that Moshe Daniel has been working on for many years. I have joined him in the planning and implementation of this plan to heal and unite the world under a flag of peace. What a beautiful vision it is. Please check out the site and unite with us to end suffering, war, division, hatred, greed, and the destruction of our beautiful and sacred planet.

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