Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Natural Healing for Cancer

Cancer is an illness that can be frightening for many, especially if diagnosed as serious and fatal.

So often I see people who have been diagnosed with many different cancers and are going through chemotherapy. I see them drinking Diet Soda from McDonald's, and eating chips and pizza. Many of their Doctors do not educate them about the importance of eating healthy food to build their body back up and to strengthen their immune system.

What is cancer, anyway?

Cancer starts out in one specific area of the body (which is a different location for everyone). Normal cells would divide and make more healthy cells that build whatever structure it is working on. Cancerous cells are basically cells that have gone haywire and started dividing uncontrollably. It's almost like they have missed (or ignored) the memo to build good healthy cells. If the body goes on in the state that it is in (dis-eased state), then the cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body, and start forming cancerous cells there as well. Cancer is far more complicated than that . . . this is a brief explanation of what the cells are doing.

Cancer begins in the body when it is in a state of dis-harmony. Somehow, throughout time, the body has gone out of balance. This could be caused by the stresses of a person's life, the unhealthy foods they consume, environmental toxins, parasites, emotional trauma, unhealthy belief systems etc etc etc. A physician's 'cure' is based on toxic chemicals (chemo) that work against the bodies natural abilities of healing. Chemo kills cancerous cells as well as healthy cells, and really wrecks havoc on the human body. The average physician does NOT educate their patient how to live healthy lives, but instead, tries to manage the symptoms. No lifestyle changes are taught in that field.

What we should be doing with people who have cancer is education on how to live 'correctly.'

What does a human need to stay healthy and function at their optimal level?

They need fresh air (free of toxins and chemicals), fresh water to drink and bathe in(also free of toxins and chemicals), adequate sunlight (oh so important for EVERYONE...without sunscreen), proper rest, nutritious foods, and a healthy emotional environment (internally and externally).

We are beginning to live in a world where many of these things are not taught as being important anymore. The average person, as listed above, drinks diet soda and eats pizza, chips, and other 'dead' foods. When we eat 'dead' foods, it is hard to build 'living' cells. These people also may work in a job that they hate, and they may not get adequate rest. It is not shocking that cancer rates have risen so dramatically.

So, folks, let's get on the right track here. Eat foods that are living and vibrant. Drink adequate amounts of quality water. Get outside in the sunshine and restore your levels of vitamin D. Find the things that you love to do, and do them everyday! Work through your emotional traumas, and don't suppress them anymore.

These things will all help to build your body back up to optimal levels, and will strengthen your immune system to fight cancer cells. Some cancers are severe, and should be handled more seriously. There are other herbal suggestions, homeopathic remedies, natural therapies and modalities that you can try to see which fits you best for your healing. I urge you to see what else is out there, even if you want to supplement your body while you are doing chemo. You will be amazed at the systems of healing that are out there that you may have never heard about.

I recently read an article about "Hoxsey Therapy." The gentleman who 'created' this therapy was claiming to have a cure for cancer in the 1920's! He faced a lot of abuse from the American Medical Association as they felt threatened from Hoxsey. Hoxsey's records stated that he was treating cancer with an 80% cure rate. He used two simple herbal blends, one to be applied externally for tumors and lumps, and the other to be applied internally. He was an interesting fellow, and I am shocked that more people don't know about him. I really believe that this 'cure' has been suppressed by the American Medical Association.

In 1976 Linus Pauling was doing studies on curing cancer by using high doses of vitamin C. He used 10,000mg of vitamin C on 100 terminal cancer patients every day, and found that these people survived three to four times longer than other terminal patients who did not receive vitamin C. This was more than 30 years ago!

Regardless, cancer is not a disease that should be taken lightly. I really encourage you to build up your body and examine the way in which you live.

**Please read my disclaimer! I do NOT diagnose or prescribe, nor do I want to replace your medical doctor. But, I do want you to know that there are OTHER options out there. Naturopaths DO NOT claim to cure cancer... but instead they work with the body's innate ability to heal itself.**


Svea is a traditional Naturopath, classical homeopath and holistic doula. Her private doula practice can be found here. 

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