Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 1 & 2 of Paleo Diet Challenge

Day 1 was an epic fail on the paleo diet. It was an emotionally stressful day at home and I have to admit - I ate almost an entire box of gluten-free "love" cookies. I was craving carbs and ate grains with every meal. Yup, I failed day one.

So, I'm calling the original day one 1a. The next day was 1b - which I am going to consider the first day of the diet challenge.

Day 1b on the Paleo Diet Challenge:

Spinach/tomato omelet
Garden Salad
Broccoli Soup

Salad with sliced chicken
Dressing: Tahini

Sweet potato (apparently you can eat sweet potatoes but not regular potatoes so I took advantage)
Salad with sliced chicken (leftovers from lunch)
Dressing: Tahini

Snacks throughout the day: apple
Beverages throughout the day: Water

Day 1 Cravings: Not many until nighttime. I started craving sugary snacks - probably from my cookie binge the day before (I often notice if I eat sugar that I crave sugar for 1-2 days after). I was disciplined and didn't indulge though.

Reports from Day 1: I felt good today. No complaints. I realized today that I need to eat more often. When I'm busy I let myself get really hungry before eating. This is not a good habit to get into.

Day 2 of Paleo Diet Challenge

Breakfast: Millet cereal, rice milk and banana. (NOT PALEO! Did I mention that you get 3 cheat meals per week? I already banked on one of mine... not because I love cereal but only because I was staying at someone else's house and it's all they had for breakfast food!)

Lunch: Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, roasted almonds, tahini, olive oil and lemon juice

Dinner: Pea soup with tomatoes.

Snacks: Green smoothie (made with a handful of organic lettuce, 1/2 banana, blueberries and a bit or orange juice), roasted almonds, a banana

Beverages: Water, dandy blend (yummy!)

Day 2 Cravings: none

Reports from Day 2: Same thing as day 1. I felt good today. I didn't eat often enough again. Dieting is difficult when on the road! But, I still feel good. :-)


Svea Lynn is a traditional Naturopath, classical homeopath and holistic doula. Her private doula practice can be found here. 


  1. I think these lists look pretty healthy to me - Paleo or not. Can't wait to see what you think of the diet when you're done with the challenge :)

    1. Thank you, Megan! I'll let you know. So far, so good :-)