Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Amazing Science of Iridology

In my opinion, Iridology is one of the Sacred Healing Traditions.

Have you ever noticed that everyone's eyes are different? There are many different colors, different markings, and even different shapes. Some people have beautiful blue eyes, while others have a deep brown.

In naturopathic medicine, we use many different non-invasive assessment tools.  We make sure that these assessment tools are pain free, and that they use the body's innate ability to show signs of weakness.  Iridology is the study of the iris (or colored part) of the eye to determine tissue weakness within the body.
It is said that there are only two true eye colors: blue and brown.  I find this to be true amongst my family and friends.  When a baby is born, they ALWAYS (through my research) have either blue eyes or brown eyes.  Some babies eyes will change from blue to brown within weeks, others within years. If someone is born with blue eyes, that means that they have "true blue" eyes, even if they end up with brown later in life.  Brown discoloration is a manifestation of tissue weakness within the body.  When a baby is breastfed, I notice that their eyes stay blue a lot longer than babies who are formula fed.  What does this say about formula? Since breast milk is MUCH healthier and easier to digest by babies, we can see why their eyes change from their true healthy state, to a state that shows tissue weakness.

If you have pretty green eyes, you actually have true blue eyes with a yellow discoloration present.  This tells the iridologist what is going on in the body, and what action to take to correct it. If you look at the above photo, you will notice all of the markings in this iris. Each marking indicates something different, and also helps the practitioner to determine the best course of action for his/her clients.

I encourage you all to have an iridology reading, if not for health, then for general interest! You will be amazed when you see a large picture of your eye! If given the proper individualized plan you will begin to see changes in the iris within three months. One of my clients went from having completely brown eyes to having green eyes within a year, and now is starting to see blue on the outer parts of the iris! This client has gone through tremendous transformation and healing in his journey and is continuing to work hard! This is just one example of the many who see changes in their iris, and changes in their life through an iridology reading.

It is amazing what you can see in the iris.  They say, our eyes are the windows to our soul!


  1. and if you born with green eyes, you have true brown or true blue, or maybe a different kind of eye?

    1. If you're born with green, you have true blue eyes. I have actually never seen a baby born with green eyes (they're usually blue and then turn green in time).