Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sprouting 101

Sprouting For Life

Sprouts are one of the most balanced, living and raw foods out there.  One of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is to "make" sprouts, and better yet, to eat them when they are ready! The nutritional profile of sprouts is very long as they contain many nutrients. In our home, we put sprouts on salads, in stir-fry, in curry dishes, or we just eat them by themselves.

What you will need to Sprout

 Any kind of seed (I prefer a detox mix from the health food store, or a broccoli seed). Most health food stores will carry seeds in bulk.

A glass jar.

A lid for the glass jar that has holes poked into it (or a small square screen that can be banded shut--see picture below). Seeds must beable to breathe!

Day 1: Soak seeds in high quality water for 24 hours. 
Day 2: Pour water out of vessel, set container upside down in a dish strainer (see image below). In evening, rinse seeds thoroughly and then set in dish strainer again in upside-down/tilted position.  Make sure to let all water strain out.

Day 3: Rinse seeds in morning, let strain in upside down position for the day.  Repeat this again in the evening. 

Continue to follow this pattern until your seeds begin to sprout.  This should happen within three days.

After four to five days, your sprouts should be ready to eat.  If you want them to grow a bit more, then continue to rinse them for a couple more days. 

ENJOY! Eat your sprouts daily, and be sure to make more before you run out! 

You will not only find yourself having more energy throughout the day from sprouts, but you will also see your health improve throughout time. Vital foods from nature, like sprouts, should be incorporated into your daily lifestyle.

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