Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hidden Cures for Cancer Part 1: Hoxsey Therapy

Harry Hoxsey was a self-taught healer who cured many cancer patients using an herbal formula that was handed down from his great-grandfather. His great-grandfather observed animals in nature, and noticed that when they were really ill, they seemed to eat a different blend of herbs and plants. He prepared a formula with many of the same herbs and found that it was very successful in curing cancer.

Harry Hoxsey began using this herbal formula, and by the early 1950's, he had the biggest cancer clinic in the world. The Hoxsey Cancer clinic spread to 17 different states and was reporting an 80% cure rate for all different forms of cancer.

During that time the American Medical Assocation was gaining ground and money. They attacked many natural healers and threatened them with court fines and jail for 'practicing medicine without a license.' He fought back each time and continued to practice when he got out of jail. Hoxsey's clinics were continually shut down. The AMA, NCI and FDA worked together to suppress his methods of healing since they were taking many patients away from the conventional medical practice. He helped many people with 'end stage' illness to heal fully and live happy and healthy lives.

Hoxsey was labeled as "the worse cancer quack of the century." His herbal medicine formula was said to be a 'colored bottle of water' that contained useless backyard weeds. Further, FDA officials went to his patient's homes, telling them they were being tricked by a quack. The FDA intimidated them and took away their Hoxsey medicines.

Hoxsey continually asked the FDA to come and research his formulas, to look at his statistics, to talk to his patients, and to see his cancer cure in action. They never came. Instead, his cures were outlawed and illegal to practice. He even 'challenged' the AMA to come and see him cure a case of severe and 'incurable' cancer. He did just so. He cured the man in front of everyone's eyes (of course over a period of time). The federal courts and AMA even said that one of Hoxsey's formulas were successful at curing cancer, however, the judgement still stood - he wasn't allowed to practice and his formulas were banned.

There are many documented reports of cured cased. Hoxsey moved his clinic to Mexico so he could practice without the harrasment of the big corporations in America. They continue to heal people every day with the same formulas that Hoxsey originally used.

All of the herbs in Hoxsey's formula have been researched. James Duke, Ph.D, an eminent botanist of the United States Department of Agriculture, said that all of the herbs used are cited as Plants Used Against Cancer, a global compilation of folk usage of medicinal plants compiled by NCI chemist Jonathan Hartwell (but wait, NCI was also attacking Hoxsey?!?! interesting...). James Duke also noted that all of the 'Hoxsey herbs' have been used by Native American healers to treat cancer for hundreds of years (if not thousands).

This is one cancer cure that we don't hear much about. It is still out there and being practiced by many. It still remains as successful as it was in Hoxsey's day, curing more than 80% of cancer cases.

Why we don't hear about this amazing cure:
The American Medical Association is a big organization, backed by funding and power from the pharmaceutical companies. Since you cannot patent a natural substance (like an herbal formula), the pharmaceutical companies have no interest in hearing about it. This information is not taught in medical schools since most of the pharmaceutical companies fund most medical schools (if not all). If they could, they would make a synthetic formula of their own that has the same cancer curing principles, however, that is not how nature works. Each substance in Hoxsey's formula contains beautiful balancing properties, and cannot be replicated in a synthetic form. As long as the pharmaceutical companies are in power, we will NEVER see a cure for cancer. Please be aware of that each time you donate to cancer research. The cures are already out there, yet have been suppressed because you cannot make any money off of them.

This is just one of the many suppressed cures. Please stay tuned for further articles in our cancer cure series!


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