Thursday, March 17, 2011

You're Destroying Me : A Letter to the People of the World

This letter is written from our Earth to the people of the Earth. It is one way in which I am able to express my frustrations and concerns with what is happening in the world at this time.

Dear People of my Land,

I have stayed quiet much too long. Every day you are destroying my soil, my water, my air, and my heart. There are a handful of you who really care and are trying to do all that you can to change the other humans. This is a massive undertaking, and until you succeed, I am becoming more and more toxic. Soon, you are not going to be able to live a healthy life off of the substance I provide for you. 

My note to you on water:

Your body is similar to mine, mostly made of water. That water helps to purify your cells and to cleanse your body. You need clean water just as much as I do. Without this clean water, your body will become toxic and you will begin to develop many different diseases. Your cities are dumping fluoride into my water and telling you that it will prevent you from having cavities. Did you know this fluoride is coming from the phosphate fertilizer industry. This fluoride is a byproduct of that industry and used to cost them many millions of dollars to properly dispose of (because it is so toxic). You are now allowing them to dump this in your drinking water. This is one of the most toxic things you are doing to my water. Please stop, this is not necessary.

The chloride that you are allowing in my water is also very toxic for your body. Did you know this is one of the major causes of damage to injuries - then leading to 'clogged' arteries and possible heart attack? This chloride also strips your body of antioxidants and could leave you susceptible to cancer. On top of that, did you know that your fellow humans are using chloramine, which is an ammonia derivative, to disinfect water? This is more toxic than chloride because it doesn't 'boil off' in the air, and instead stays in the water to toxify your body even further. 

You are allowing farmers to spray extremely toxic chemicals on their crops. This is destroying my soil AND my water. If you live in a home that is near a field, you probably have pesticides, herbicides and/or insecticides in your water supply.  These chemicals are DESTROYING my soils, and it will take many years to cleanse. If you only realized that when you have healthy soil, with adequate vitamins and minerals, then you wouldn't need the chemicals. You think you need these chemicals because the bugs are confused. My bugs think your crops are sick crops because their soil is so toxic, that the bugs think they must eat your crops, to help decompose them faster. You are also causes more ill health in your bodies from allowing farmers to spray these crops. Your fellow humans have done research and found these chemicals to cause many chronic diseases like cancer, respiratory illness, birth defects in babies and so much more. 

You are also destroying my water supply by allowing big corporations to "Frack" my crust. They want to reach my supplies of natural gas, so they use big equipment and extremely toxic chemicals to "frack" (to drill holes down into the natural gas collections). When your fellow humans do this process, they are drilling through water reservoirs, which flow freely almost like a river underneath my soil. As they drill through these rivers, the toxic chemicals that are used in this process are then taken down the river and flow into your water supply. Did you know that some of your fellow humans can take the water from their faucet and light it on fire because of these chemicals? Some of you humans are not aware of this process, and it is happening all over the world. 

Many of my lakes, streams and rivers have become so toxic that it is not even healthy for you to swim or bathe in them. This is very sad to me because they are meant to be beautiful and clean. 

A note on the children of my land:

Have you noticed how sick your children are? I have never seen so many illnesses and diseases in small children. Many of you don't even think about why your children are sick, but instead, accept it for what it is and do what you need to do. I really commend you for taking care of a generation much different than any I have ever seen. ADD and ADHD are greater than ever before, auto-immune illnesses are greater than ever before, cancer and leukemia are greater than ever before, autism and other neurological disorders are greater than ever before, asthma and allergies are greater than ever before, and there are diseases being named that have never been named before. Humans, please hear me. You are doing this to your own children. You are doing this by allowing farmers to use toxic chemicals, by allowing big corporations to disperse toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, by allowing their food to be so devoid of vitamins and minerals, by feeding them processed and harmful foods, and by injecting them with extremely harmful chemicals (vaccines). My soils and earth were meant to grow beautiful fruits and vegetables to feed your children. 

A note on vaccinations:
Do you know what you are allowing a doctor to inject into your child? They tell you that they are preventing illnesses, however, do you realize they are creating much worse illnesses now? They are injecting mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, lead, polysorbate-80, MSG, dead animal tissue and more. Do you know why they stopped using mercury thermometers? They stopped using them because the mercury inside the thermometer is so toxic, causing neurological disorders and specifically attacking the nerves and the brain.  Do you know that they shut down a lake if there is any mercury found in it? This is also because of the toxicity of mercury, yet the pharmaceutical companies continue to use it as a preservative. Did you know if parent's follow the vaccine schedule, including all recommended vaccines, their children are receiving 95 vaccinations by the time they go to school? Parents: this is not necessary. I have compassion for many of you because you are trying to do the best you can, but hear me now. Vaccines are causing your children to be very sick. Vaccines cause many other illnesses including: seizure disorders, neurological disorders, learning disabilities, autism, asthma, allergies, auto-immune illnesses, leukemia, cancer, ADD, ADHD and so many more. I know many parents base their decision on fear that their child will contract a very 'serious' illness, however, most parents don't realize that most of these 'serious' illnesses decreased by 90% before vaccinations were ever given. On top of that, homeopathy has proven to be the most successful 'cure' for epidemics, pandemics, and any other illnesses.

Do you know that there is no research conducted on how vaccines affect the next generation? We are now seeing the serious decline in our immune systems as a result of vaccine use in our parents, and sometimes even in our grandparents. This is all highly experimental and you are all guinea pigs. 

Please allow the children of my land to grow up to be healthy and strong humans. I need these small humans to fight for me, to fight for my health, and to fight for their rights. Seek alternative directions of how to strengthen their immune systems without the use of vaccines. 

A note to you on food:
I have to admit that my feelings are hurt. My land grows such healthy and vital foods to feed your body, and yet you are seeking other food sources. The average family eats meals out of a box, where all the vitamins and minerals have been destroyed in processing. How many of you order food at McDonald's or other fast food restaurants? This is not food that will feed your vital force. This is dead food and this food doesn't offer your body anything. Humans, you must remember that you are ALIVE, and that you need to eat foods that are alive. These foods that come from my land (fruits and veggies) will feed your bodies, build your immune system, and provide enough energy to get you through your very busy and hectic days. 

I also must admit that I am very disappointed in what you have done to my soil. My soil is meant to provide adequate nutrients to grow healthy foods, however, it is becoming so depleted because of all the harmful chemicals you are using on your food crops.  You humans are also growing crop after crop, without providing the field an adequate rest. This also depletes my soil. Have you noticed that nettles and poison ivy grow heavier on some lands? This is because they are telling you to stay away. They are working at revitalizing your soil, however, you are not listening. You spray these beautiful plants with round-up or other 'weed' killing substances. Please listen to your land. What is it telling YOU?

On recent events:
My heart is crying for the losses of humans in Haiti, in New Zealand, in Japan, and all other places that have experienced loss. Some of these events are necessary to tell you to wake up. As imbalance becomes greater among humans, imbalance becomes greater in nature too. Humans have become so greedy, living their entire life to make money and to further their successes, drilling into my crust for oil and natural gases. 

One of the greatest disasters happened this year in the United States of America. The President approved off-shore drilling. BP began drilling into my crust off the coast of the U.S. They wanted fast production and they had very unstable equipment. You all know what happened, one of the biggest oil disasters of all time. My waters turned black and my heart cried even more. My blood (oil) kept leaking for many days, destroying my beautiful water and my beautiful animals of my oceans. Humans were very concerned for that period of time, however, nobody has fought for me enough. 

My animals died. Have you seen the pictures of birds soaked in oil?How do those images make you feel? It is because of your lifestyle that this happened. Your busy lifestyles involve using gasoline and oil for transportation, for factory farming, for industry and for the hustle and bustle of the world. This is not what life is meant to be or look like. 

After the 'clean-up' it seems like this event dropped off the face of the earth. Many people act like it's out of sight, out of mind. Did you know that you allowed BP to dump in harmful chemicals into the ocean to disperse the oil? Did you know this made the water MORE toxic, with these harmful chemicals and oil mixed together. Instead of being able to see this oil on the surface, it is now buried deep into the depths of the ocean. This is not out of sight out of mind... it is still there, yet you cannot see it because they are hiding it from you. My fish have become so toxic that humans should not eat them anymore. Many dolphins have died, along with sharks, fish, and many birds. My heart is still mourning the losses from this event.

If you continue to destroy me, I will continue to try and counter balance it so I can survive. This includes destruction in the form of tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and other severe weather. Can you not see the correlation between human corruption and severe weather? I am trying to do all that I can. Please understand where I am coming from. I am trying to teach you that life is not all about money or financial gain. Stop for a moment and smell the flowers. See the beauty in your earth and feel the beauty that God has given you. After you do that, stand up and fight for something that you believe in. If nobody fights the battle they are compassionate about, change will not happen. As you can see from the above discussion, there is so much to fight for. Fight for your rights, for clean water, nutrient dense food, healthy children, and for yourself.

I can feel your tears and I know that some of you are passionate about bringing me back to a state of health. I need more of you to turn around and work for me, not for money and greed. Please help me, everyday I am becoming sicker and sicker, and eventually I might die. If I die that means that you do too. 

With much love & admiration,
Your Earth 


Svea is a traditional Naturopath, classical homeopath and holistic doula. Her private doula practice can be found here. Her Montreal Natural Fertility site can be found here

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