Monday, November 7, 2011

Orange Juice - Health Food or Junk Food?

Have you ever heard of someone having an orange juice addiction?

I'm sure many people would laugh at this, but have you heard people say how much they love Tropicana (or other brand name) orange juice?

We grew up thinking that "not from concentrate" orange juice was healthy. We were told to drink some everyday for its vitamin C content, as well as other added nutrients.

But, what if I told you that orange juice isn't the health food we once thought it to be? Most of this is because of the process in which it is made . . .

Companies like Tropicana make "fresh squeezed orange juice" by putting in whole oranges (that have been sprayed with chemical pesticides) and squeezing the juice out. The juice is then stored in giant holding tanks and brought through a process of de-oxygenation. These companies need to make a profit, so if their orange juice goes bad in a few days (like it should), they would lose millions of dollars. The de-oxygenation process allows the juice to stay for a year without spoiling. [Yikes, can you imagine an orange staying fresh for one year in your fridge?]

This process takes most of the flavor and taste away. Orange juice companies then add FLAVOR PACKS to make the substance taste better. These packs are not listed on the ingredient label because they are derived from oranges, however, are so chemically altered that they have become toxic. Big orange juice companies in the United States add ethyl butyrate to our orange juice because Americans "prefer" its flavor. Ethyl butyrate is considered to be a toxic and harmful substance. It must be disposed of properly, and if it comes in contact with your skin, you must wash immediately. There are also risks if swallowed or inhaled. The flavor packs also contain perfume and essential oils that come from companies like Calvin Klein and Dior. Does it sound to you like the flavor packs could be healthy?

Have you ever thought about why all Tropicana tastes the same? Does this put warning bells in your head? Have you squeezed fresh orange juice at home? It NEVER tastes the same! It all depends on what kind or oranges you have and how fresh they are.

In conclusion -commercial orange juice is junk food. On top of the additives, oranges are one of the heaviest sprayed crops - making them toxic from pesticides. If you are looking for vitamin C, kiwis and spinach have more vitamin C than orange juice does. Oranges are also acidic and contribute to an acidic environment, when we are trying to maintain a more alkaline environment in our body for health.

I used to enjoy a good glass of orange juice, but I will never look at a glass of Tropicana the same!

**Update- January 10, 2012:
There is now a lawsuit going on against Tropicana for deceptive labeling and false description of product. Tropicana orange juice claims there are 16-fresh squeezed oranges in a carton of orange juice - when this is not the case. There are many flavors and oils added to the product to make it taste the way it does - some not so natural. If you are interested in learning more about this lawsuit, the case is Lewis v. Tropicana Products Inc, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California, No. 12-00049.


Svea Lynn is a traditional Naturopath, classical homeopath and holistic doula. Her private doula practice can be found here. Her Montreal Natural Fertility site can be found here


  1. Haha I love this post! Way to set the record straight. I enjoy my day so much more when I can read a new post from you blog :)

  2. Where is the difference? It sounds to me like that story of one blind explains the world to another blind. The title of you report sounds Orange Juice - healthy or junk. I Tell you, oranges are anyway not really healthy. What are you thinking does make them healthy? Vitamin C? In which orange is that Vitamin C and how much? How old is it allowed to get to contain still your desired Vitamin C. C is no shortcut for Cocaine or something like that, means, you can't store even that fresh fruit to long as you showed out. But that fruit is imported, dealers have to money with it, right? So it may be good for that dealers to hide their cocaine in, may that money is healthy to these dealers, I don't agree, but no one, even YOU, can't tell me (but everyone tries to, again and again)that fresh oranges are that healthy to talk about. Question: Are you one of that dealers? Are you paid for that propaganda, did you study medicine or anything equal making you that expert for health? To grow oranges as you recognize you need loads of pesticides, healthy for no one. They suck the earth either. They have to be imported and all evil that follows that string. And because iT's acidbound your vitamin needs loads of energy from your body to be prepared serving your body. Spinach and other greens contain much more vitamin, not acidbound, and therewith quickly with no energysucking serving your body with vitamin C. If they are really healthy, of course depends to storing, growing and preparing. In almost all asian countries oranges are eaten seldomly depending to that above told facts. Orange juice is mostly just drunken with salt to neutralize a bit the fruit-acid. So: No one tells oranges are healthy, neither its juice. These are just dealers. They tell you nothing, they sell every thing. They have to, as you do on your job to make money. And as we see, even you telling lies. Of course, you know that all, I told you here, but of course, even you are no a big company (or, are you?) as your beloved tropicana, you have to propagate your knowledge, have to make an reputation, don't you?

    I prefer to keep it with the asians: Oranges are good for offerings the gods, keeping slaves working, aristocrats dreaming of their genious and all that......

    None of them doesn't sound worth to me for a bit egoistic healthy dream.

    Keep away of oranges!!!!

  3. Hello Anonymous,

    You misread my article, my friend. The article clearly states that I say orange juice is not healthy for you. A lot of my readers wrote me and said they threw out their orange juice because of my article. I am not a dealer and sell no products of any kind. I also have extensive training in health and nutrition, and have studied for thousands of hours in these fields.

    Please reread the article.

    Stay Well,